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The objective of BCIL's Corporate Disclosure policy is to permit transparency in operations. All key, price sensitive information shall be disclosed promptly and put in public domain through media, press, company website and other channel of communications


Board Meeting Notices

Q2 Meeting dated 04-12-2017 Download
Meeting dated 26-10-2017 Download
Meeting dated 22-09-2017 Download
Q1 Meeting dated 29-08-2017 Download
Q4 Meeting dated 22-05-2017 Download
Q3 Meeting dated 13-02-2017 Download
Q2 Meeting dated 12-11-2016 Download
Q1 Meeting dated 12-08-2016 Download
Q4 Meeting dated 25-05-2016 Download
Q3 Meeting dated 08-02-2016 Download
Q2 Meeting dated 06-11-2015 Download
Q1 Meeting dated 08-08-2015 Download
Q4 Meeting dated 15-05-2015 Download
Q3 Meeting dated 05-02-2015 Download


EGM Notices

EGM Outcome Download
EGM Voting Results Download
Scritinizer Report Download
EGM Notice dated 22.09.2017 Download
Corrigendums to EGM Download
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