Manufacturing Facilities

Production blocks:

The facility is provided in 14.7 hectares with three production blocks for manufacture of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. Top priority is given for manufacturing of quality products, rational and effective use of available resources and minimization of waste. Safety aspects have been given utmost importance, in all aspects including plant installation, equipment, systems and trained personnel to ensure smooth productivity. Combination of a dedicated team and world class production techniques guarantee delivery of products to customers across the globe.


Coal fired fluidized bed boiler with a capacity of 12 tph is provided for catering steam requirements of all the production blocks. Diesel power generators are installed to provide sufficient power for shut down of the process units safely and maintain some essential services in the event of prolonged power outage. Best practices for operation of utilities viz., Chillers, Cooling towers, water treatment services etc., are in place for cost reduction by maximizing efficiencies. Preventive maintenance is followed as per schedule for plant and utilities.

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