Chlorpyrifos-Methyl Technical 97% min.



Chlorpyrifos-Methyl is a Non-systemic insecticide with contact, stomach, and respiratory action. It Controls of Coleoptera, Diptera, Homoptera and Lepidoptera in cereals (including stored grains), and various foliar crop pests in pome fruit, tea, rice, cotton, and other crops. Chlorpyrifos-Methyl is under toxicity Class III by WHO (ai) and EPA (formulation). The product is registered in many countries.


  Chlorpyrifos-methyl content, % by mass, min. 97%
  Appearance Pale yellow to off white
  Melting Point 45.5 - 46.5C
  Moisture content, % by mass, max. 0.1
  Acetone insolubles, % by mass, max. 0.5
  Acidity (as H2SO4), % by mass, max. 0.1


UN approved lacquer coated steel Drums


40% EC, 50% SM, 22% W/W

Shelf-life :

Two years under normal storage conditions.



Chlorpyrifos Chlorpyrifos-Methyl
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